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Video Analytics

Premium Timelapse Service

Video Analytics

Bullet & Dome Cameras

GSS offer the latest hi resolution camera technology. Our new Ultra Low Light cameras to provide exceptionally sharp images even in low-light conditions, whether during the day or at night. Combining outstanding performance and wide range with convenience and ease of use, these cameras are taking video surveillance to an entirely new level - the ideal security choice for Construction sites, warehouses, retail outlets, airports, and other sensitive sites.

Camera Towers

With a greater requirement for a robust and reliable mobile solution in various applications such as infrastructure, utilities, events & construction, all our mobile tower systems are engineered and built to the highest of quality, utilising the very latest technology and easily installed.

Fixed Camera Towers

Static fixed camera towers using the very latest in low light IP cameras along with iLids accredited analytics to ensure that your site is secure and false alarms are reduced to a minimum. The towers can be accessed through our app on any phone & tablet.

Thermal Imaging Towers

Thermal tower uses the market leading thermal technology with iLids accredited analytics to ensure that your site is secure and false alarms are no longer an issue. The thermal tower can cover up to 600 meters with absolute clarity and confirmation. Supplied in line with the 16 stepsto fire safety document.

Wireless Cameras

The external RSI camera is completely wireless and battery powered with a 90 degree detection angle that is effective to a distance of 12 metres. In daylight the camera records in colour or B&W and features 4 infrared LEDs for up to 12m night vision (B&W only)

HD IP Cameras

GSS have embraced IP CCTV as a necessary and effective network application.

Our networking roots have allowed us to design and implement only the most cutting edge IP CCTV solutions including HD megapixel technology. Due to the quality and accessibility of surveillance solutions, our IP CCTV designs can be utilised to optimise security, work place productivity and health & safety. We can provide unparalleled playback image quality and situational awareness which can be viewed via an intuitive, feature rich yet easy to use software platform. IP CCTV solutions aim to provide evidential quality evidence that can be retrieved, archived and quickly distributed.

IP Surveillance is rapidly growing in popularity due to its ease of installation, flexibility, and low cost of ownership. Solutions are centrally managed and can integrate seamlessly with other IP security systems to provide total end user security control.

Timelapse Cameras

Our time lapse service will ensure our IP HD camera captures your whole project and creates an outstanding video for clients to be proud of. The IP HD camera takes a photograph every 30 minutes (or to your requirements).

The images are edited and put together by our engineers to ensure that your video footage looks as smooth and seamless as possible. The video at the end can be supplied in various formats to allow clients to link the footage to their website, upload to social media or send to clients/customers.

We can also include a website link, which is maintained by our IT technician and updated at regular intervals, this provides you with access to your time lapse service throughout your project.


We supply powerful video analytics systems designed for the connection of thermal imaging and visible cameras.

These video analytics systems are ideal for large-scale areas of security functions and external properties with security guards, with either their own control room, or a link to a CMS (central monitoring station).

Because of the variety of lenses available on Thermal cameras it is possible to monitor larger distances with fewer cameras. The master slave network Model allows easy management and configuration once all the units are configured on the network.

By default, the analytics server is equipped with 8 inputs to connect the alarm panel and simultaneously arm and disarm the entire system or specific areas.
The high performance of our video analytics systems is particularly suitable for demanding customers seeking an effective solution. We offer the most powerful perimeter protection systems on the market.


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