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Our CCTV packages are tailor-made and designed to fulfill your sites specific requirements.

Combined with a 4G connection, live audio warnings, alarm response, police response and our unique downloadable app, our service provides you with 24 hour recordings available to view for up to 30 days.

We offer a wide range of systems including HD IP cameras, Wireless Cameras, Free Standing Towers (including solar), Thermal cameras, 4K Time Lapse Cameras and Video Analytics can be provided.

We will appoint an SIA approved key holder to attend to any incidents and alarms to ensure your site is safe and secure. We will then report back any damages or entries to site.

Time Lapse Cameras

Our time lapse service will ensure our IP HD camera captures your whole project and creates an outstanding video for clients to be proud of.

The IP HD camera takes a photograph every 30 minutes (or to your requirements). The images are edited and put together by our engineers to ensure that your video footage looks as smooth and seamless as possible.

Bullet and Dome Cameras

GSS offer the latest hi resolution camera technology.

Our new Ultra Low Light cameras to provide exceptionally sharp images even in low-light conditions, whether during the day or at night.

Combining outstanding performance and wide range with convenience and ease of use, these cameras are taking video surveillance to an entirely new level -the ideal security choice for Construction sites, warehouses, retail outlets, airports, and other sensitive sites.

Wireless Cameras

The external RSI camera is completely wireless and battery powered with a 90 degree detection angle that is effective to a distance of 12 metres.

In daylight the camera records in colour or B&W and features 4 infrared LEDs for up to 12m night vision (B&W only)

HD IP Cameras

GSS have embraced IP CCTV as a necessary and effective network application.

Our networking roots have allowed us to design and implement only the most cutting edge IP CCTV solutions including HD megapixel technology.

Due to the quality and accessibility of surveillance solutions, our IP CCTV designs can be utilised to optimise security, work place productivity and health & safety.

We can provide unparalleled playback image quality and situational awareness which can be viewed via an intuitive, feature rich yet easy to use software platform. IP CCTV solutions aim to provide evidential quality evidence that can be retrieved, archived and quickly distributed.

IP Surveillance is rapidly growing in popularity due to its ease of installation, flexibility, and low cost of ownership.

Solutions are centrally managed and can integrate seamlessly with other IP security systems to provide total end user security control.



When it comes to video and image analysis, a smart-thinking Network Video Recorder (NVR) with a “mind” of its own, one that can analyse the content and make informed decisions for you, seems too difficult to come by. Well, not until you’ve met Hikvision’s DeepinMindSeries NVRs

Embedded with high performing GPUs and industry-leading Deep Learning algorithms, a Hikvision DeepinMindSeries NVR outthinks and outperforms any of its kind. Boasting up to 90 percent accuracy in false alarm reduction and intelligent facial recognition technology, human intervention can be reduced to the bare minimum. And it’s evolving.

As the training data increases, the accuracy gets higher. Depending on your application, you can choose a single purpose NVR for perimeter protection or facial recognition scenario (6700, 7700, and 9600 series), or one that can do both (96000 series).

The perimeter protection NVRs feature smart analysis (line crossing/intrusion detection), false alarm reduction based on perimeter protection, and quick target search capabilities.

The facial recognition NVRs play a key role in advanced biometric solutions with high recognition accuracy.

The 96000 series, most advanced model to date, offers all above features with much higher capacities.


Static Guard

Double time applies on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and all Bank Holidays.

Dog Handler

Available nationally.
Hourly cost dependant on location.

Mobile Response Guard

Includes 1st hour on site

Very good

I must say that the services that we have received so far by yourself and your team has been very good. You and your team are there to assist and inform about incidents. Reports are sent through to the site team as soon as received in order for us to deal with any incidents. So far very good. Please keep this up.

– Olatunde Oke, Site manager (North and south London) Countryside Properties

Client focussed and user friendly

Just a quick note to say GSSMS and Emma, have performed well on our projects.
They are competitive, have great health and safety, are top quality, client focussed and user friendly.

–  Steve Wallace MCIOB, Senior Construction Manager (North & South London)

100% 1st class service

I can highly recommend Emma, I’ve used Emma and her team for the last 4 years at Torsion and other companies before joining Torsion and always had 100% 1st class service. I currently have a live guard on site who is an asset to Emma’s company and not like your usual guard who may or may not turn up and sleeps all night when on site.

– John Webster, Project Manager, Torsion Group.

Definitely be using them again in the future

We used GSSMS for a period of approximately 9 months. They are a professional company with great team members. Always easy to get hold of and always quick with responses. We had a number of people sniffing around the property which was being guarded and we were contacted immediately. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the team and would definitely be using them again in the future. Megan and Emma were especially brilliant.

– Rishi Dhamecha – Director Only Care Ltd

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